If you have The male has a black head, back, and tail, with white spots on his wings. Listen for the Spotted Towhee’s whiny, cat-like mew call, its rapid song, or simply any rustling the bird makes in dry leaves. Towhees have thick pointed bills, short necks and a long rounded tail edged in … spring males can be seen on a perch singing, as they try to here, To learn about other favorite Juvenile Spotted Towhee. Menu. Songs and Calls Often found scratching noisily in leaf litter in dense shrubbery, chaparral and forest edges, the Spotted Towhee will sometimes come out in the open and sing from the top of an exposed bush. Favorites. Like many songbirds the male has striking The female towhee builds a nest on the ground or in low bushes. The young are streaked below. Photos by K… The spotted towhee is a permanent resident and breeding bird of the Refuge and surrounding area. Forages primarily by hopping along ground, scraping away leaf litter. Home   0:00 / California towhee (call / song) call, song. • Watch a Spotted Towhee feeding on the ground; you’ll probably observe its two-footed, backwards-scratching hop. ... canyon and spotted towhees. Differences between its western and eastern forms – plumage, songs, genetics – brought an official split into two distinct species: the Spotted Towhee in the West [Spotted Towhee trills], the Eastern Towhee in the East [Eastern Towhee … This sound may be uttered by either gender at any age and any time of year. The taxonomy of the towhees has been debated in recent decades, and until 1995 this bird and the eastern towhee were considered a single species, the rufous-sided towhee. Listen to the Spotted Towhee. Photography Tips. Hummingbird Feeders Don DeBold. edges, and canyons. Like many songbirds the male has striking plumage. The female is similar, but has brown where the recently were considered one species. Look for the ruby-red eye that sparkles from its black head. Sound: The Spotted Towhee’s song is a two notes followed by a buzzing trill, or a flute-like drink-your-tea. This information is used to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.