Shop our variety of colors and sizes. Take your yoga practice to the next level with this Tri-Color Yoga Block from Gaiam. They range from 10 to 18 inches in length and vary considerably when it comes to height and width. Weight. If you don’t want to travel with your blocks and cost is not a factor, then this is the block I’d recommend. Foam blocks are the cheapest and most common option, followed by cork and then wood bricks. Fitness Mad Yoga Brick Helps achieve proper alignment, support the body and extend reach. These bricks can also be used to extend the stretch of some poses for advanced yogis. If dirt or stains persist, scrub the areas with a gentle, organic cleanser. There are some yoga blocks with slightly larger dimensions, though these are most often used as therapeutic devices. Made from non toxic EVA foam. Yoga blocks are also useful to relax and continue the practice of yoga during pregnancy. Eco-friendly and non-toxic yoga block, resistant to moisture and sweat. Yoga Brick: £10, Sweaty Betty We guarantee that if you turn up to any yoga class with a Sweaty Betty product, you won’t be alone. Standard yoga blocks have different dimensions on all sides, usually 4 x 6 x 9 inches, so they can be used in three different positions. Yoga blocks can weigh as little as 4 ounces or as much as 2.5 pounds. The only thing I would change is the curtains. This colorful yoga block is lightweight and stable, making it a must-have for yoga practitioners at all levels by adding safety to advanced poses and by providing a firm, comfortable seat. Our 5" Big Foam Yoga Block has been super-sized just for you! After you’re done, let air-dry. About us: Manduka was built by and for yoga teachers and students. Our Cork Yoga Brick is a great option for those who do not feel flexible enough to complete some yoga poses. You'll appreciate that our foam yoga blocks are made from a sturdy, scratch resistant foam. I love this design with the brick wall, white floor boards and reddish wood flooring. To clean cork yoga blocks: Simply scrub stains with a wet cloth. Great texture, comfortable and pliable, these bricks provide optimal grip and traction. Shop Manduka Yoga Blocks. Cork matches everything, so you don’t have to stress about what color to get.. It’s also extremely durable.The block isn’t going to lose shape or get easily scuffed up. Size: 22 x 11 x 7cm. An essential yoga accessory to support you, improve your comfort and help you get to the ground more easily. Cork Yoga Blocks. To clean wood or bamboo yoga blocks: Wipe with a damp towel containing soap and water. They are … A whopping 12" tall by 6" wide and 5" thick, this foam block is oversized, but made from the same light-weight, dense foam as our traditional foam yoga blocks. Shop yoga blocks, including high quality foam yoga blocks and cork yoga blocks. The best yoga prop for support is a yoga block, which helps you modify poses, and provide extra support to help you hold a post longer. Attractive large yoga studio space with new light wood flooring, lots of windows and plants. You may … Contemporary yoga studio design with white floor, walls and ceiling juxtaposed with black framed floor-to-ceiling windows. The building blocks of a better practice. Blocks make difficult yoga poses accessible to beginners and those with injuries or physical limitations.