This first appeared in August 2019. Okay so who are you…and what have you done with the real Secretary of State? Image: Reuters. Maybe the DSF budget, which is considerable, and which is separate from other areas, pays for them? Maybe foreign aid budget. Couple of 26’s would be nice. It actually has been a passing interest of mine since 82. despite recent comments saying they are safe. It must be said though, that concept that has just been edited in looks a hell of a lot like a modified Point Class vessel. This whole “What Is a Warship” business, just adds to the confusion of our Government Members. i still think the removal of a bay superstructure and fitting a full length deck to make a h.l.p would be a better idea, especially as they’re already built. It’s worth noting that the Royal Navy during the 1982 Falklands War outfitted cargo ships with flight decks to carry Harrier jump jets. I would want that on these, if the RN is to aid the Baltic NATO states in Winter. i hope it will get sufficient means to defend itself unlike the albions. Cover the vehicle deck to make a flightdeck and still retain all the storage inside. One of these will follow the carrier. But why sell ocean then? Nah…they had to turn Scott at an angle to get it in! A couple of extra SSN’s to provide asw support is too much to hope for, I suppose. That hasgot £15 billion a year which we seem to squander. More ships rule Britannia…. The UK is set to acquire two Littoral Strike Ships with the ability to launch troops and their equipment via helicopters and boats. Steve, exactly the point I was about to make. It could be a more flexible and useful solution than Argus. Agree that there should be a competitive tender between UK yards as per the type 31. These are USS SiouxCity and USS Wichita. My only question is where do helicopter airframes come from to load these out? and see if they are worth the prefix of h.m.s. This will give us sovereign, lethal, amphibious force. Wonder where they will get the crew? It doesn’t say that atall! “Literal Strike Ships” sound like they would probably have some Defensive Systems. Looking at the RN supplied picture that is a modified Point Class Ro/Ro. Australian Austal Ships Builder's trials are the first opportunity for the shipbuilder to operate the ship underway, and provide an opportunity to test and correct issues before acceptance trials. It’s all smoke and mirrors ahead of a GE. The Point class look good but are now aging, some well worn, and in need of replacement for strategic / heavy lift. The increasing range of shore based weapons, Long range cruise missiles and carrier strike deeper in land falls a little beyond… Read more », @capt p wash. I was under the assumption that T31 was being built as a class of 5+, with any additional funding found being used to build extra hulls. UKSF at the tip of that, and always in demand from the US and used by HMG. There’s been a lot if talk of… Read more », Diego Garcia quite possibly, but it was Gavin Williamson himself that announced about a month ago that a base would be built closer to the South China Sea; likely in Brunei or Singapore. These enable SF to operate off terrorist shores, example Somalia, enabling our Bays, QEC and others to do other jobs. As for RFA and OSA. Looks like they will be Point conversions and managed a manned by AW Shipping, so not really new ships, and won’t require RN or RFA crewing. It will be noted that the terms used in this release vary from Combat Ship to Assault Ship. Anyway, looks like a thought through replacement for Ocean which avoids sending QE class inshore. However it does a job. Save the Royal Navy is also good for RN articles. Sorry about this but Fish and Chips…landing from the sea ! And re reading my post, maybe the Bays WILL be released from their roles, by these assets. the millions going to syria and afghanistan are an apology for bombing the cr*p out of them methinks. I envisage these to be much more basic. DFID has £15 billion that is squandered every year. Build minimal ships for peace time, to keep the peace and keeps skills at home, then expand when needed. Doesn’t sound that dissimilar to Argus so perhaps the first one of these coming into service, maybe in combination with the previously talked about possibility of a hospital ship funded by the foreign aid budget, would clear the way for Argus to be decommissioned. Williamson praised the littoral strike ships for their ability to exert “British influence through greater forward presence.”. One would be based East of Suez in the Indo-Pacific and one based West of Suez in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Baltic. I am not opposed to ‘civilian ships’ being re-purposed. Share Article. But They are Littoral Ships, I’m guessing they will have some sort of Defensive Systems especially carrying such important “cargo” just off shore. A ‘couple of hundred’ down from 500+ mearly 10 years ago. Or your Archer Squadron? Nothing else at all concrete. Maybe this was in mind with that announcement of the new Chinooks. For me what is most useful about the idea is it would go some way to replacing RFA Diligence as there would certainly be space for workshops. I think it is a great idea. As ‘Littoral Strike’ ships they will be… Read more ». They would support our Future Commando Force. Credit: Royal Navy. He is the author of the graphic novels  War Fix, War Is Boring and Machete Squad. appledore did build Hms Scott but could it fit anything bigger in the dock hall? It’s not often that we get the announcement of 2 pretty sizeable new vessels out of the blue. I’D IMAGINE A DESIGN VERY MUCH LIKE THE HARPERS FERRY CLASS OF THE USN but they have SEARAM on the bridge roof! The ship was scheduled to arrive this afternoon, Hockycko said. I am delighted with the news, however not going to hold breath until I see what exactly we are going to get. I’m optimistic at these. LCS 7 recently deployed, and it is gratifying to know that our team has delivered a ship that is relevant for today’s fight and that is needed around the world,” said Joe DePietro , Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager, Small Combatants and Ship Systems. i’d fear for one of the albions. How the new Littoral Strike Ships could look (Image: Royal Navy) "Take the Royal Navy. Gabriel’s Blog at UK Armed Forces Commentary is brilliant, and I find myself constantly agreeing with his thinking. I would say if this comes to be Argus would certainly have to go, I still think a hospital ship is a terrible idea but don’t wish to go over old ground. I too think these will be conversions rather than new builds. If they are forward deployed on SF missions would they be escorted? However we still require an increase in escort numbers. Thought this was an April fool. Should GCHQ et al now come under Defence, I.m confused with SF not being so. Let the speculation begin! U.S. Special Operations Command’s Elusive Mothership Is Packing Stealth Speedboat, Photos Surface Of Elusive U.S. Special Operations Mothership In Seychelles, Was it because she was worn out and only fit for a second tier navy? They are exerting British influence through greater forward presence. And, if successful, we will look to dramatically accelerate their delivery. This is a conversion of a sister class to the Points. The Royal Navy plans to acquire two so-called “littoral strike ships” that could enhance the U.K. fleet’s diminished amphibious capability. Big floor area under the flight deck though for all sorts of goodies. About 3/4 of CHF’s Merlin aren’t currently being upgraded or in depth maintenance., — UK Defence Journal (@UKDefJournal) February 11, 2019. They are exerting British influence through greater forward presence. The U.S. Navy will christen its newest Freedom-class littoral combat ship on June 15. pronouncekiwi. Yes the American ones are ex tankers. According to Gatwick Airport authorities it’s an ’embarrassment of drones’, A pod of drones A herd of drones A pride of drones A pack of drones A slew of drones A bunch of drones A lot of drones Many drones Many many drones Multiple drones More than one drone Numerous drones.