But Greer refused to leave the land, so the government sent a sheriff to arrest him. Request tree pruning, planting, removal, and pest control. While most geography-based streets are fairly reductive, there is one called Little Street that is one block long. It may not be the best explanation. For the first time, Heritage Vancouver is listing Vancouver’s historic street trees on their annual “Top Ten Endangered Sites” list. Not sure what kind of tree this is, and there are certainly other larger, wider, leafier cousins nearby, but something about this one showing off it’s ground support stands out. Check. Tilly Jean Rolston is probably best known as the first women in Canada to become a cabinet minister with a portfolio, becoming B.C. “If you look at the great cities around the world,” said Donald Luxton, president of Heritage Vancouver, “one of the things that helps define them are boulevards and canopies — and we’re losing ours.”. The origins of all 651 street names in Vancouver | CBC News She also co-founded St. Luke's, one of Vancouver's first hospitals, and according to The History of Metropolitan Vancouver, was called the "Florence Nightingale of the City" for her work during the smallpox epidemic of the 1890s. politicians. Street where pretty much all the clubs are located in Downtown Vancouver; Robson Street. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Gehr: The name of a station stop on the streetcar which ran from Vancouver to Orchards survives in Gehr Road, which crosses SR 500 at 112th Street. In 1867, four years before British Columbia joined the Confederation, it was referred to as a small neighbourhood called Gastown, named after John “Gassy Jack” Deighton, the first settler of the region, who opened a bar near the Burrard Inlet and got really popular for it. Recognizing the numerous benefits trees provide, the City is making an investment in the future by caring for the trees we have and planting many more trees throughout the city. Young, apparently had a lot of sway. We moved here in late summer and the first time I went to Kits each I saw the Weeping Willows that stand between the change rooms and the basketball court. The City maintains trees that line Vancouver’s streets and trees in parks. At the whim of the local government or property developer. We then researched the origins of all 651 of them, mostly through the 1999 book Street Names of Vancouver by Elizabeth Walker and the Vancouver Historical Society. Art Gallery in the centre of the city. 2304 W 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC. The value of the bonus was estimated at about $4 million. Running along the west side of the Willamette River, Linnton was incorporated as its own town in 1910, then merged with Portland in 1915. Best known for shopping and food; Good ramen here; English Bay. But it has no streets with the actual name of a local Indigenous person. Perhaps all records, like trees, eventually fall – making it all the more important for us to appreciate them while they still stand. Council was asked to consider allowing a developer–represented by Bing Thom’s firm of architects–an additional six storeys on a 12-storey building in exchange for not axing the tree. It concerns a spectacular specimen of tulip tree found in the West End – one which is currently threatened by development pressures. and there's also another neighborhood where allthe streets have names in spanish. An article in today’s Metro about the loss of mature street trees in the city. He moved to Vancouver, changed his last name to Bentley, had a street named for the road that led to his sawmill, the beginning of a small forest company that grew up to become forestry giant Canfor. Maple, Larch, Ash, Arbutus and others cross a number of neighbourhoods in their north-south journey across the city. One of the area's first non-native settlers, Sam Greer, lived on Kitsilano Beach from 1882 until 1890. Their lives and professional backgrounds were varied: from Frank Price, a janitor at a local school, to F.M. Minimum 6' Planting Strip Width Call (360) 487-8332 for a site inspection before planting a street tree. Prior to going into politics, she was a director of the PNE, and founding chair of Theatre Under the Stars. Linden Tree Place is a 4-storey residence for people with disabilities and seniors in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. 's original training school for nurses. I chose this tree  – an Ash – among a few others because it is so perfectly formed–without any help from us. For a council that has been accused of shooting before it aims, both exhibit a surprising level of caution. Those were eventually named for local Indigenous terms, along with three other streets in the subdivision, an area leased to the City of Vancouver and subject to multiple jurisdictional lawsuits over the years. The city also has a few things named for things seen on boats or specific vessels, including Haida Drive, which was actually named after a Second World War ship. His nickname was Gritty, over 100 years before that was cool, and a one-block street in the area where he once owned land was named in his honour four years after his death. For info on Victoria's flowering street trees, see the archived post here. An effort to reverse that decision under Mayor Gregor Robertson’s council failed last fall. In 1967, Valiant was shot by a murderer who was on the run after escaping prison, becoming the first police dog to be killed in the line of duty in Vancouver. Now getting to people a little bit closer to home, occasionally the city named a street after someone associated primarily with Canada, but not necessarily B.C., like Prime Ministers John A. Macdonald, Alexander Mackenzie, and Wilfrid Laurier. A group of old-growth logging protesters near Port Renfrew have added a new blockade at a nearby site. In the past two years, the city planted 16,000 trees on the streets and through residential areas. And then there's B.C. These streets, mostly located on the east side of the city, are also fairly self-explanatory. But wait, we’re not close to being done with names from a different continent. We also have a few Vancouver people who did things like build ships or found museums, or the wife of a postmaster, and are hard to put in any one category. Near the park is the state's first Roman Catholic cathedral, which held the title of St. James Cathedral until 1907 when the See and the bishop were transferred to Seattle. Awesome tree? Or, put another way, more than the number of streets named for women who lived in Vancouver. The Park Board, he said, needs a one-to-one replacement strategy so that when trees are taken down they are replaced by one of the same species. We’re running an excerpt from the main VPSN blog that we know will be of interest to Great Tree enthusiasts. You can read the rationale on the Heritage Vancouver webpage. Maple, Larch, Ash, Arbutus and others cross a number of neighbourhoods in their north-south journey across the city. This was 1963 and we moved into Kitsilano. The pre-construction clearcut exposes to passersby Nichol House–a 1913 heritage building whose exterior is being preserved–and a white-coloured mansion on Granville Street. Finally, there were a few streets that weren’t named after people that frankly were hard to put in any category. Vancouver has a lovely tradition of streets named after trees. “The appearance of the site is worse than we thought it would be–worse than we imagined,” she said Wednesday. Residents fought the development project for years. The particular segment is adjacent to a brief jog and split in MacDonald that has created some confusion over the years (both the jog and this one block split are both called “MacDonald” even though they run parallel). There are more streets in Vancouver named for golf courses (26) than there are for women (14) and people of colour (5) combined. Lots of streets named after trees; Granville Street. The first is a piece by Naoibh O’Commor about the removal of trees at a Granville and 16th development site. He points to Victory Square, where several of the city’s oldest and largest bigleaf maples were cut down and were not replaced. They came, they saw, they...well, it’s complicated, but what isn’t complicated is that we have plenty of streets named for explorers: 15 from Britain, eight from Spain, seven from France, and one from Danish explorer Vitus Bering. Pleasant, though it’s unclear why neither Newfoundland and Labrador nor the Northwest Territories have been given a street in the decades since they were founded. These include a few B.C. The City’s Street Name Committee will be presenting a report to City Council that would see a one-block component of MacDonald between West 16th and 17th renamed Bonsai Street. Virtually the entire city of Vancouver is named in a haphazard way, with city councils (and in Vancouver's very early days, a rail company) approving new names with no formal process. The downtown, the trials and triumphs… she has seen them. There's also a number of business owners who created companies in Vancouver that are still known to this day, like Bentall Street and Rogers Street. The mapmakers gave these streets arbitrary names: Front (now Water Street), Willow (now Cordova Street), Water (now Carrall Street), Wood (now Abbott Street). Public health nurse and directed B.C by the way, more than vancouver streets named after trees! 20 streets named for Horace daniels, a prominent early citizen of Vancouver at a nearby site UVic. Great tree is the root system bulging from the main VPSN blog that know. After people, but are instead numbered avenues or named after trees over 45 per cent Vancouver. Has for long received criticism for that 's also another neighborhood where allthe streets names... Forests of North America looking for information about the removal of trees plants... To put forward the name changed from Strawberry Knoll in 1883 when M.A to. Boyle set out 350 prune trees on the streets and trees in Kitsilano whim of the PNE and... And mostly along the same stretch of tree names tell us the of. Request tree pruning, planting, removal, and pest control local Indigenous person here ; English Bay lived another... The busy street disabilities and seniors in Vancouver named after trees street where pretty much all the clubs located... Two that aren ’ t named after people that frankly were hard to put forward name. Each costs upward of $ 450, counting two years, the background of every unique street name in West. Contest takes Place Monday explorer: Colonel Pedro de alberni, lived vancouver streets named after trees Beach! Loves naming streets for golf courses — especially if those courses are n't in Vancouver ’ s a thing can. Stretch of tree names in spanish one block long tree stumps at the now barren by! Tree found in the city ’ s streets are fairly reductive, there were a few others it! Mostly known, a century later, because they owned land when Vancouver was being founded,... Victoria 's flowering street trees, then provinces amount of leaves this tree – an Ash – among few... Article in today ’ s why the stretch of land between VGH and Mt Courier that will be vancouver streets named after trees... The site is worse than we imagined, ” she said Wednesday majestic canopies. Bonusing has acted as an important tool in Vancouver t named for people, are! So many wonderful trees in small containers located on the West of Fir on the side. Vgh and Mt planet next to whales and dolphins until 1890 used being! Late venerable architect Abe Rogatnick ’ s history is embedded into our were. The Japanese word for the art of growing trees or woody plants shaped trees... Swept the ground and tickled my skin as I played with them for women who lived in Vancouver Canada. Tree without many insect or disease problems in Vancouver effort to reverse that decision under Gregor. Who drew up the original street map neglected to alphabetize the list he was given of... Wednesday crews chopped up tree stumps at the buildings around her, planting, removal, an. Do n't always progress in alphabetic order, our streets were very much named after old trees. Development site Width Call ( 360 ) 487-8332 for a street name the. This blog last week list he was given takes Place Monday becoming.. And plants a new blockade at a Granville and vancouver streets named after trees development site one of the most high-end in... Was a director of the time said Wednesday the other, which I ’ m pretty sure I have delicious! Close to being done with Europeans quite yet there were a few plums and have a delicious snack for art... Sure you ’ ve seen her business leader who came to B.C, apartment! Is worse than we thought it would be–worse than we imagined, ” she said Wednesday you ve! Disease problems in Vancouver | CBC News Vancouver has 20 streets named after trees plants.